Sign in Recover your password. She sees basant at the door who tells nandu to see cartoons and distracts him. Jaitsar haveli Nandu says that now that jagiya is gone, he feels the need for someone to play with him and demands for a younger bother from gehna. He says that he still doesnt know of his residence, and has a doubt that he might have been in Laxmibhag village for some work. Like 0 Dislike 0. Gepost door sajin karki op She also discusses with him the possibility of having their own child but basant dismisses the idea embarassedly confessing that he is no longer physically capable of siring a child and thata doption is their only hope. She asks him to take her home since she forgot her own family who went out of their way to bring happiness in her life, who turned away on her own son to support her, while she got lost in her new found happiness.

The vicious circle of sadness and happiness are what defines the good and bad phases in life. Just then, his second wife walks in and demands to know what is he doing there. Alok jokingly tells anandi to take sanchi inside and teach her alos that it would benefit her in her married life ahead. They come out together to serve halwa to the family. They are all having a fun, light moment. Shiv advises her that she is very lucky to get such a loving family who doesnt want to share their troubles with her so that she doesnt get sad. G3 tells Arthi has gotten used to the riches of the Scindias and hence is unwilling to leave.

He says that she wouldnt have to worry since, if his will, he would throw her out of the house. Vadh the road in laxmibhag village. Bhairo is happy and is on the verge of congratulating him when basant says that nothing has happened yet as gehna can no longer be a mother on her own, indirectly hinting at his physical inability.


The ladies compliment on hr change of clothing and how beautiful she looks in it.

A password will be e-mailed to you. He also promises that he would get jagdish back to them and leave no stone unturned to find him.

Balika Vadhu 14th January Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

He goes over to his second wife and takes him outside while ganga is scared. Sign episoe Recover your password. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Like 0 Dislike 0. Lal singh too arrives at the same time. But then, he also adds that if a younger brother not possible, atleast they could give him a younger sister who he would train to play his games with her.

Meenu tells her to think that anandi has just arrived and therefore has been hesitant yet to jankary to them and she also must have thought that shiv must have told them. Jaitsar haveli Shiv comes inside and tries to salvage the situation by pacifying them that they would come again for the ceremony, and its good since it would give them a chance to visit again. Seeing anandi in her new avatar, as sarees, nandu compliments her on looking beautiful.


Basant is relieved and decides to try medicines before talking to dadisa. While G3 is verbally abusing Arthithe nurse interrupts and tells how Blika was helpful taking care of Yash.

Shiv takes them outside. She says she will not leave her home and her husband.

Self confident person always has an optimistic attitude to life. Dadisa tells gehna to get laddoos. She asks him why not a sister.

Dadisa again asks her to be happy and calm and start the ritual. Bhairo says that she never gets tired of helping and doing work. He says that he understands what she is going through, but by her behaviour, she is all the more increasing their sadness.

Papa S says that Punar Vivah was a mistakeand he is rectifying the mistake. He changes his tome and starts reprimanding ganga for putting their child to sleep faster.


Udaipur haveli While shiv and his family are waiting downstairs, they are discussing about how dadji had to leave them at the last minute and go to dehradun. Outside a temple in jaitsar.

Written Updates: Balika vadhu 12th January episode Written Update

The screen freezes on her face. Welcome, Jaunary to your account. Anandi smiles at meenu. Alok teases shiv for the same that his wife is almost unreognizable. Meenu compliments her on her new saree. Welcome, Login to your account. Anandi excuses herself for some time. Ira and meenu go on to give her jewellery as a mark of their blessing. She asks him to take her home since she forgot her own family who went out of their way to bring happiness in her life, who turned away on her own son to support her, while she got lost in her new found happiness.

Dadji too compliments the new generation for being so understanding and mature and making mountains turn by their love and that they should. While nathu goes out to get them refreshments, meenu sees ira upset.

Dubeyji tells G3, Arthi is a very righteous young woman and not a gold digger. Udaipur haveli Nathu gives anandi the necessary things 0213 halwa and she starts preparing. They all comment on her beautiful stature.

She releases himself from her embrace and he asks her to freshen up. Nandu too wishes that they should get going faster since he has assembled games to play with her. He leaves to watch tv.

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