Yes, I agree No, I want to find out more. Chandra, being bored of the details, is sent to help fight off the spawn around them. These Zendikar Articles would have come out sooner, but we had a bit of a mix-up and the Brother’s War came out first. Now they need a plan to defeat the Eldrazi titans. Magic Market Index for Feb 8th, Now, in the aftermath of their victory, Gideon, Jace, Chandra, and Nissa must decide what will come next. The Gatewatch is a group of planeswalkers initially allied together to fight the Eldrazi on Zendikar. When she reawakened, Emrakul had been sealed in Innistrad’s moon by the Gatewatch and Tamiyo , and her wounds had been healed by the other planeswalkers.

So easy to find shows to follow. Ob Nixilis is an obvious threat, as well as Bolas. Today we’re going to talk about the plot and the end of the Eldrazi conflict. The group devises a plan to destroy the Eldrazi, which basically comes down to this: A quarter mile of Zendikar lives! She is forced to defend herself and is distracted as the fight between colossi begins.

Nissa witnesses the collapse of the hedron trap, her last hope for saving her world.

Oath of the Gatewatch Story | MAGIC: THE GATHERING

The mystery of Chandra’s disappearance is answered, and she finds herself caught up in the legacy of Dominaria’s darkest past. Four Planeswalkers stand against them.

Now it’s episoce to do something about it. His own project may put them both, and countless others, in jeopardy Kiora is able to e;isode the Bident, so the two follow its path into a cavern underwater.


The Gathering – Ravnica “, Wizards of the Coast. Up in Flames Chandra Nalaar arrived on Zendikar to find two Eldrazi titans on the loose, the armies of Zendikar scattered, and her Planeswalker allies missing in action. Eventually, they find the Bident and Kiora uses it to erode the entire cavern in seconds, destroying everything within, and escapes. Jori En finds herself in the water of the basin after Sea Gate has been destroyed by Kozilek.

New features frequently added. Zendikar Resurgent by Chris Rallis. There are no signs of life, not even the Zendikari army. Outside, the planeswalkers emerge from the cave where they beheld a blighted landscape. The battle to save the plane of Zendikar rages on.

Today we take you through the formation of the Gatewatch, in Oath of the Gatewatch.

In the three months that followed, the Gatewatch made their headquarters on Ravnica. We know that Nahiri is on Innistrad and angry with Sorin, but what exactly she’s up to isn’t immediately clear.

You can read the much shorter summary they’ve put together or download the whole story as an ebook compilation. A demon of the Episods of Rakdos runs afoul of the Azorius Gatewatcu when he pushes the Ragefest celebration to liberating new heights. What sets the app apart from other podcasting applications is its emphasis on discovery. Nissa, Jace, Gideon, and an army of Zendikari have trapped Ulamog, but things quickly begin to unravel. They took an oath. The distortions become so bad, Nissa sends Ashaya away because she fears what it will do to the elemental, and by extension the plane.

What gxtewatch radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too. This page was last edited on 20 Februaryat Now, they must decide what’s next.


The hopes of Zendikar rest on an unlikely hero, one who long ago lost her own hope The Gathering content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Wizards of the Coast its licensors. On Amonkhet, the Gatewatch discovered that Bolas was creating an army of Eternals ; highly trained fighting specialists which had been zombified while keeping their skills intact.

Aided by the planeswalker Tamiyo, he returned to Zendikar to bring the rest of the Gatewatch to fight Emrakul. Liliana, however, quickly made clear that the Gatewatch’s intention was to combat other planeswalkers and similar extraplanar threats, not local unrest.

The Gatewatch

Nissa takes up an oath to protect life in the multiverse. Gideon and Chandra end up both acting as bait while Kiora keeps the hordes at bay.

Remorseless Punishment by Ryan Barger. The group devises a plan to destroy the Eldrazi, which basically comes down to this: The Planeswalkers and Zendikari must gateqatch Jace’s plan flawlessly.

After the battle, Gideon catches up with Tazri, and the two part as friends while Tazri assumes command.

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