Bykov and maybe he’ll help and you won’t die. Never went to Nha Trang city – sounds like it’s going the way of Pattaya, Thailand, where most of the tourists are Russian. Ability to understand and write your own native language Capacity to string two coherent sentences together Positive attitude and commitment Compensation: Teango , Dec 19, Share This Page Tweet. It’s that big, can’t make it smaller.

Got a YouTube account? The translators are students working on their free time voluntarily and there are very few people knowing Russian help us. Task to be completed in one month. Giang , Jan 17, Thanks qzh, and welcome to the forum! And you’re saying that “We’re loosing him, we’re loosing him!

This was the last item usbtitles the questionnaire, let’s get to the physical examination. Just concentrating on what’s being said. Edited What exactly are you asking for?

English, French Intermediate Languages: Mandarin, Swedish Basic Languages: We’ll give you a nice shot of Verapamil, and you’ll run about like a young chick! Jun 1, Messages: Knterny what kind of an illness does your patient have? Bykov and maybe he’ll help and you won’t die.

Some episodes or the whole serial which is about episodes? Never went to Nha Trang city – sounds like it’s going the way of Enblish, Thailand, where most of the tourists are Russian. Thanks qzh, and welcome to the forum! Got a YouTube account?


Hello guys, I have been trying to find subtitles for Interny TV Intermy for a while, not much success. But the ambulance is all at fault! What exactly are you asking for? Blimey, per episode that works out pretty cheap! Thanks for describing the experience, I’ll give it a go and see what happens You’ll wait until he wakes up, you question him, and then you can go home.

Nastya, you know that I am incapable of finding common tongue with children. Sep 9, Messages: I’ve been looking for transcripts for this show for a long time. The doctor gave me an injection, and all feels much better now.

Interny/Интерны – subtitles

Do you like to be called by your name in your native language or how it is translated? A lot of questions remain for you! Also you can find Russian transcriptions for first episodes here: This time I’m already up to the 6th episode so thanks for reminding of its existence.

Currently, i cannot find Imterny subtitle for this series anywhere on the net. I would often watch the episode a first time while reading the transcript and then a second time a few days later without the transcript. A 25 minute episode took me about 50 minutes to watch at first. I don’t always chooses the subtihles bidder; I look for positive history with Elance and coherent emails.


Jan 3, Messages: If you would like to start a thread for this purpose, you have my support. Jun 30, Messages: Sep 25, Messages: Can someone explain the use of the subjunctive with essere in the following sentence please?

Interny (Интерны) Season 1 Episode 1 English subtitles with subtitles | Amara

And the best case scenario would be english srt subtitles. PeregrinusOct 2, MittalmarSep 19, We cruised around America GiangJan 14, With the big face You’re invited to the new italki. Dress up or else The last time time I looked at this serial, I gave up because I did not understand anything. Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 15 Edit Subtitles.

You, by yourself, without any medications, pulled out a patient from coma.

Transcripts for the Russian TV series Интерны

Share This Page Tweet. Then come back to me, report, disgrace, listen to my indicative remarks. I’d also be interested in knowing how you folks use the transcripts.

Edited You can download few English subtitles from here:

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