Miyako meets Kabata, and Takahito was found bleeding on the shrine steps. The OP theme is kinda catchy. I probably would have enjoyed it more if i wasn’t so sleep deprived while watching it. BBCode oh, these little earthquakes. I think this first episode did a very good job explaining most of the mysteries introduced and it does it in a visual way. So, I will watch the second episode. I knew it was going to start slow, and I have a feeling it will take a couple episodes before this show begins to get really good.

We’ll see what future episodes bring. Its a cute name? This was NOT Psychological, at all. BBCode “I’m starting to think mal is run by Xinil generating electricity on a bicycle. I really like the opening theme. I have mixed reactions for this show right now. This, by that token, is pretty much textbook psychological.

I wouldn’t call the pace slow, I’d say that it takes its time to build up the tension, and it does it very well. P I didn’t really want to respond but apparently some people think disliking someone elses opinion is fair grounds to attack them.

Ghost Hound Episode 1 Discussion

Out of Body Experience ” Transcription: I’ve always been fascinated by dreams, so I’m definitely looking forward to watching this. As for the mood, the Lain-ish vibes are there but they’re rather understated and the whole thing is amazingly lighthearted in its overall mood. A body was found floating in the dam.

Have really high expectations on this show. Definitely looking forward for more.

Also, it kind of annoyed me in the shinsen sub, they translated yakusoku as “date”, seems like theyre trying to force makoto’s character off as gay.

So long as it still means something in the end, it’ll be good. Masayuki reveals the timeline of the kidnapping incident and theorises that there is a connection between the case and Makoto’s father’s death.

I loved the opening and ending. Masayuki and Michio catch the reporter Seiichi Suzuki whose been snooping around. I think I might try it out ;P. The three learn more about astral projection and the hidden realm from Makoto, due to his knowledge from the religious group his family owns. I also loved the three main boys. That is what makes for example Silence of the Lambs or Serial Experiments Lain psychological thrillers, the fact that for the most part, their stories are told and their atmospheres created through a mix of cinematography and dialogue.


Long Term Potentiation ” Transcription: The OP theme is kinda catchy. Reika’s assistant releases mutants, used from Yasuhiro’s research, into the dam.

Meanwhile, Masayuki discovers spirits in the biotech research facility in an O. There were too many “silent scenes” making the pacing of the story rather slow, but the things they flash back about the past of the main character and such makes one interested to know about it. Takahito wakes up, but he was threatened.

Miyako then goes into a trance again, and Makoto furiously curses Himeko. Like a cynic magical-realist take on the slice-of-life genre. I probably would have enjoyed it more if i wasn’t so sleep deprived while epsiode it. Production IG doesn’t disappoint at all. But it was overall what i expected after watching jound trailers, i bet im gonna really like this one as the episodes go on, pretty neat first ep, go production i.

I’m pretty sure his dreams sort of resemble what happned to him and his sister and the part he wants to remember is maybe what she said back then? houdn

I have mixed reactions for this show right now. Later, he meets and starts consulting with Hirata about Miyako. Some of you need to learn what Psychological means. The show really shows promise, lets just hope it can live up to what it promise, lets just hope it doesnt get cheezy. I was sleepy and the ep was moving quite slowly. He goes with Masayuki, Makoto, and Michio to her house.


P Did you guys pay attention to the sound in this anime? Very interesting first episode, it definitely has grabbed my attention. For how slow moving this eepisode is, it’s actually quite interesting. From what I watched, I didn’t sense any creepy things in it I’m sure the rest of the show will be the same. I also really enjoyed episoxe dream sequences, they were rather nice and even the nightmarish scenes managed to be atmospherically involving without becoming creators of dementia tension.

I might have to rewatch it, because I could not pay attention to the episode at all. I know that style. This is one of the anime I’ve been looking forward to.

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It’s like some of you see it as “it’s so weird and completely retarded that it MUST have some deep and psychological meaning to it all. Hell, I even got from my original RAW watching the fact that three guys are related to a tragedy in the past and that what I believe to be Tarou’s sister died and left quite a strain in her family’s relationship.

This, by that token, is pretty much textbook psychological. I still don’t understand what’s going on yet but I will in time. I’ll be watching the second episode sometime tonight. He sees his dad speaking with Reika about his research but then he is suddenly attacked by some spirit monsters, known as hopeful monsters, by Reika’s biotech laboratory assistant.

Although I appreciate the constructive argument for the most part.

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